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Shawn and Lisa Rowberry



My Story

Hello and welcome to Scentsy! I joined the Scentsy Family in 2014 after being a loyal customer for many years. I fell in love with the simple wickless candle system since I have such a love for home fragrance but also, having experienced first hand how devastating a home fire from candles can be.

Scentsy has become such a passion for me and I never would have thought that this "little wax business" could bring so much happiness and even turn into a career for not only myself but my husband as well. We have promoted to Star Directors with Scentsy just by sharing something that we love!

We are blessed to be surrounded by an amazing team and friends!! Words can not describe the joy we feel in watching them grow their own businesses.

We love that this business gives us the flexibility to do what we love and be there for our family because we can make my own hours! We make our own hours, party with friends smelling all kinds of fabulousness, AND make money all at the same time!! Whats not to love? Our life has been impacted in such a huge way by this amazing company and we can't wait to share it with you!

What's warming in my home